Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The New Regime Must Restore Sanity

First, came the PEV after the contested elections of 2007, killing close to one and a half thousand innocent Kenyans.

Exactly seventy two hours later, following the unceremonious announcement of the presidential elections: mother Kenya descended into untold chaos.

Trauma embraced every soul. Mother Kenya (considered one of the most stable and economically developed states in Africa), was on the verge of tearing apart.

In almost every corner of the republic, neighbour turned against neighbour. Old scores were settled with machetes and pangas.

Across the awesome land, beyond the spell binding and beautiful highlands; rapes, mutilations and communal violence gripped the country with such awesome might.

Children were orphaned, neighbours were pulled apart, and friends were separated. Couples were disunited and thousands lost what they had called home all their miserable years here on earth. Communities lost trust it had on each other. Marriages were forcibly broken. A robust economy was hence dealt a severe body blow; it will take years, blood and sweat to recover.

Then there was the Mungiki menace, the subsequent extra-judicial killings and the dreadful S.L.D.F Militia which embarked on a killing spree, butchering fellow tribesmen, drinking their blood and eating parts of their bodies...

The world watched, we waited, time tickled, passing by carelessly and uncaring and still; we were proud to be Kenyans: we hoisted the national flag happily and sang the national anthem with exaggerated enthusiasm.

We continued priding in our leadership and hoped for the better.

Nearly five years down the line, Al-Shabab descended upon our ‘haven of peace’, spreading terror, shelling buildings, and denying our economy a chance to flex its muscles through tourism and other vital activities.

What started as rag tag army in Somalia was slowly revolutionizing into a sophisticated guerrilla outfit.

True, it was believed to be sending the government security personnel into desperation as they chase what could only be declared as 'shadows of invincible enemies of the people'.

It was well equipped and fully backed by the residents of Somalia.

The inevitable ‘Operation Linda Nchi’ came with mixed fortunes: the world now thinks we are a little safer (that they can trade freely without worrying about their precious necks), yet still their sympathizers are sending shivers across the peace-loving nation as they bomb churches, Matatus, business  premises and  hell knows where else!

Just a few days ago, the Samburu Bandits claimed close to fifty security personnel in what has been described as the worst fatal ‘mission-impossible’ ever undertaken by our Police men and women!

We are getting used to it, or so it may seem. 

Deaths of innocent Kenyans under the now ever-cruel and merciless arms of Al-Shabab, bandits, and armed robbers and law-breakers; doesn’t stifle any one anymore.

It’s so natural and the government machinery seems helpless, or even unwilling to lift their ‘burden –loaded’ fingers. Talk of the symptoms of the end of the world or simply a society gone t0 the dogs...whichever the case, we must think hard as a nation and embrace sanity and sobriety!

Well, at least Kenyans behaved before, during and even after the elections despite the many fears and jitters that had engulfed everyone.

Now is the turn of the new regime to make sure we surge forward meaningfully as a people, united and in peace.

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