Friday, 12 April 2013

My Land Kenya

Where as one enjoys the taste of being a Kenyan citizen, a casual look at our crop of leaders paint a hellish picture of this country's leadership.

Key among mannerisms that have been widely regarded as impunity is the hunger for taxpayer's money, not only because it falls way beyond tangible human experience, but also because it lacks a sense of reality

The filthy hands of this republic have never failed to amaze me. Society would expect leaders who are selfless in the course of service delivery; but when I see the degree of selfishness among our leaders,my body shakes to its very core and squeezes out any iota of hope in me.

  First were the Members of Parliament demanding hefty perks. Now our governors are jeopardizing the county governments by their unnecessary outcry for pay increase. I just can't stop at internalizing the kind of economic poison our leaders are spewing forth.

A lover of money is a dangerous man or woman. He/she can murder, sell his/her country or lose sense of justice because of money. Hypocrisy therefore runs lose in the minds of Kenyan politicians who shamelessly demand pay-rise at the expense of service delivery.

Most of our leaders have diplomas, first degrees, masters degrees and even PhDs. At their backyards, they are opinion leaders whose word is taken as the gospel truth. These are people with whom Kenyans have elected because they believed that together, they could make a better Kenya putting into practical their varied intellectual capacities. What follows is disappointment, breed of fear and exclusion that have become blankets to cover all sorts of poor governance.

If, indeed, our leaders believe in the words of former internal Security Minister George Saitoti (1945-2012) that a times come when the needs of the nation come before individual needs of the nation come before individual needs, then I think it's time our leaders sat down and talked about Kenya. It's time they put put aside their interests and listened together to the heart-beat of the nation.

The Salaries and Re-numeration Commission has structures, systems and instruments to make accurate diagnosis of the nation. The commission, I am sure, can defuse the tension arising from the current state of affairs. However, our leaders are busy pulling us back to where we began. It's, therefore, only a matter of time before we pay the price.

I appeal to our leaders to awaken to the need to chart a new course towards greater economical development. Kenya cannot realize any useful gains in the current economic climate. We may choose to maintain the status-quo and endure the prevailing economic climate, but the truth is, failure to deal with substansial issues, whether real or perceived, will eventually run the full course of our detriment.

"My Land is Kenya, So Warm, Wild and Free"

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