Thursday, 11 April 2013

Inauguration Report

As Kibaki's tenure reached its tether the other day, I kept switching in between the various leading braoadcast stations to get a glimpse of the Kasarani proceedings. It was going to be an eventful day whose significance shall forever stick in the minds of Kenyan people.

Full of wisdom and ordination of faith, various religious leaders walked onto the dais to offer powerful prayers to a new government which now ushers in a youthful and digital age.

Unlike the humiliating send-off of Moi a decade ago, Kibaki witnessed a smooth and harmonious power transfer to individuals he termed competent.
He took stock of his gains while saluting the grand coalition and the Kenyan people for their good will. Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka couldn't miss in his list of accolades.

Whereas Kibaki was cautious in his speech, Uganda's Yoweri Museveni could not afford a soft spot for the International Crimminal Court. His bad manners pushed him to the dais (full of high profile dignitaries)to hurl abuses to this distinguished international institution. Contrary to my expectations, Museveni even rebuked the Kenyan people, West Pokot in particular, for their uncouth and archaic cattle rustling tendencies. I won't forgive Museveni for this, though
The gathering was attentive and eager to his parting shot as dictator Robert Mugabe nodded his head; as a way of concuring with his (Museveni's) statement.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, however, was smarter than his Ugandan counter part. Full of wisdom and authority, Kenyatta gave an eloquent speech that could even get to a deaf man's ear. I was tremendously impressed by the manner in which he committed himself to the country. The son of Mzee Jomo vowed to uphold and live up to the promises he made to the distinguished kenyan people (but am yet to see if my younger sibling, “Leo”, will own a laptop in the due course of next year).

As the ceremony stretched way beyond late afternoon, I digested Uhuru's speech. Unfortunately, I found no reason to concur with him. “Waiganjo managed to impose as a senoir police officer for five solid years, what can prevent a politician from being an 'Angel' for a mere four year period?” I asked myself. Certain things must be done (or left undone), but one thing that is clear to a layman that I am is that Kenyatta's projects aren't feasible. If we raise our expectations, then we shall be preparing ourselves for a rude shock.

GOD BLESS KENYA...........

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