Friday, 16 August 2013

Kenya Needs a Parliamentary System of Governance

A parliamentary system of governance is one whereby the Executive derives its legitimacy from the Legislature. In a few parliamentary republics such as South Africa and Botswana, the head of government is also head of state, but is elected by and is answerable to the legislature. 

Unlike these nations, Kenya has embraced the presidential system of governance since it got its independence in 1963. This system, however, has been compromised by electoral malpractices and irregularities in the history of our nationhood. The 2007 general elections which was marred with grand-scale electoral malpractices marked the climax of this trend of impunity that almost brought the country to its knees.
To date, party politics have been characterized by money factor which has always had a corrosive influence on national politics. The so-called tyranny of numbers as witnessed on the March 4th general elections best suits this category. Such elements have a direct implication on the outcome of the elections. unfortunately, the implications are all negative in the spirit of democracy.

As a country which has since independence fought for democracy, Kenya needs to change it's system of governance to pave way for the parliamentary system. Time has come for the electorate to practice mature politics and elect competent leaders in the National Assembly who will effectively carry out their legislative functions- including the President's election. The current National Assembly is simply a representation of mediocre persons who cannot distinguish matters of national interests from their own. It's against this backdrop that the electorate need to eke countries like the USA and bring on board persons of impeccable personality who will play a crucial role in the governance of this country.

Unless we are conservatists, which in my opinion we aren't, we need to champion the proposed amendment that will ultimately lead to a referendum lest we fall off the slippery slope.

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