Friday, 6 September 2013


"You should know people," so said Justice Baraza. I thought this quote would be of great importance to Rachel Shebesh alias 'Manzi wa Nairobi'.

Yawa Shebesh, that's not how to approach Mr. Kidero. How dare you try extinguish fire using fire. It's not possible. Or could you have been mistaken by Kidero's apparent gentleness? Maybe.

Where as violence is considered the last resort to any conflict, in my opinion, one is justified 2 instill some sense of discipline in someone with behaviours that portray lack of this essential human value.

An elite of Kidero's cadre cannot just slap a woman of Shebesh's standing like any other hunter in the village. Shebesh must have gone overboard as she has always done in the past. The difference, however, is that this time her character got the best remedy. A blow to Rachael's prestige and standing......

Kidero must have redeemed his image in some quotas. Most CORD fanatics had in the recent past associated Dr. Kidero with the failing Jubilee gvt. But as things stand nw, Kidero has taken the say 'KUSEMA NA KUTENDA' in yet another level upwards. Indeed time for action is finally with us. But do I say..

By the way, it's high time I got a copy of the Nairobian. This magazine has waht i've always wanted to read. Ubaya sasa ushuru ya asilimia kumi na sita, yaani the 16% V.A.T that has seen its rise 2
40bob. But the brighter side of the story is that Dr.Kidero has found a new way of dealing with parliamentarians such as Shebesh who have taken their legislative functions for granted.

The Shebesh I know isn't a City Council worker. As a matter of fact, such menial jobs do not exist in her vocabulary.

Wakenya, jamaneni... When will you stop being used!!

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