Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Digital Kenya

With the increase of the number of Members of National Assembly, inclusion of the posts of governors, senators women reps in the constitution it’s obvious the budgetary allocation to the salary of the civil servant must now increase, and within the past weeks, Kenyans have witnessed the cold war between our elected leaders and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission over the issue of salary increment as well as the delivery of cash meant for the devolution.
 With this, it baffles me where the government might start generating more cash to cater for the purchase of pupils laptops.

One thing Jubilee did not tell is how will the syllabus be co-designed to fit this new technology and do we have enough skilled manpower? For the fruits of ICT to be realized, there is need to tackle the challenge of ICT-illiterate teachers by equipping them with the requisite skills.
 This raises the question of whether funds have been allocated for such training.

Kenya is working hard to meet the MDGs more specifically, eradication of poverty, diseases and ignorance within the marginalized communities within various regions like the North Eastern, Eastern and part of Rift Valley. When will these goals be achieved? Therefore, why should the government not consider provision of the basic needs before the laptops?
 These are communities that languish in poverty.

The government MUST start by putting measures in place to ensure that there is equity in allocation of resources for all regions before embarking on the laptop agenda.
Politics notwithstanding, the promise comes with a risk of how safe our children will be in possession of the laptops and how secure are the same laptops? Or maybe they shall be kept in school. Who knows? We’d borrow a page from Rwanda.

Dear Kenyans, before we get overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation in wait for the laptops for our class one pupils come January next year, we need solutions to the above issues.
If such can be handled on time then, we all are longing for next year to see our children get solar powered laptops

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