Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Civil society groups unleashed squealling pigs at the entrance of parliament buildings in protest of MPs' demands for hefty pay. Their noisy but peaceful protest begun at Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park as they marched through the parliament buildings.

At parliament buildings, the protesters offloaded fat, well-fed pigs and poured blood in what they said was to end the MPs' demands. In response, police officers dispersed them with teargas canisters and sprayed them with water canons.

However, despite the teargas canisters being fired at them, the protesters did not relent. They engaged the security officers in running battles along the Harambee avenue as severals roads remained 'no go zones'. The police formed a ring around parliament buildings, some on horsebacks, others with dogs and others in plain clothes.
Thirty pigs, however, could be seen hovering outside parliament.

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