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Shackles of Doom Synopsis

Shackles of doom is play that depicts a film shoot set in the land of the Kanas, who refer to themselves as the TRUE KANAS, their land is oil rich but they are ignorant of the treasure that lies beneath their soil….a delegation arrives to their land and offer a beautiful lady – Wamaitha, to be married off to Lopush who is “Kana” in exchange of land where they settle. Wamaitha is 3 weeks pregnant when they come and Kimani who is purported to be her guardian is responsible, she is married off against her will and her community with great determination and strong will construct “Mafuta Oil Refinery Company”.

During appointing of human resource, job opportunities are given with biasness and nepotism! The people of Kana demand for equal opportunities but are dismissed; only one person is considered from the marginalised community but as a watchman. On the eve of Lopush and Wamaitha’s wedding, Kimani who is the CEO of the refinery company has an order to deliver 600 barrels of oil and dictates that everybody works on the night shift including those who were on duty during daytime. Lopush is not spared either because of his wedding that is coming up at the break of dawn; he is forced to be on duty as a security officer.

 Kimani invades Lopush’s house demanding for intimacy from Wamaitha, of which she declines and they are caught up in the argument by Lopush who has absconded his duty in rebellion. Kimani hides in the children’s bedroom but unfortunately Lopush finds him, Wamaitha insists that the daughter can bare her witness that she did not fornicate. As a matter of bad fortune she finds the daughter dead, still and lifeless when she goes to wake her up. Kimani is accused of her demise. A technical hitch occurs in the Mafuta Oil Refinery Company and there is a fire breakout at about the same time, angry villagers are summoned and just when they want to deal with the accused murderer (Kimani), his wife calls and says they are trapped in an inferno and Lopush has the keys to all the exits.

The whole village rush to help but they find a tragic scene, everyone has been consumed by the inferno, Wamaitha breaks news that her dead daughter was Kimani’s child.

The film director calls for cut and signifies end of their shooting, one member of the cast however retorts that the film has no credible resolution and cannot compete favourably, she suggests that all the communities be equally represented in employment opportunities for good relations, harmony and peaceful coexistence. Cameras were rolling in the meantime and the director terms the resolution to be credible.

(Shackles of Doom staged by Butere Girls is a play written by award winning play-wright Cleophas Malalah, the Kakamega MCA for Mariakalo Ward. The play won Zonal, Divisional, District, Regional levels but banned from being staged at the National Drama Festivals set for Mombasa this month on claims that play is hate speech)

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